Exterior Design Solutions

Why FunderMax

The Virtually limitless variety of possible designs make FUNDERMAX panels an innovative companion for discerning architecture with an eye for long lasting, cost efficient quality.

FUNDERMAX panels make it possible to change the appearance of building in a wide variety of ways from exciting wood grain, stone or metal patterns and vibrant uni-colors, all the way to digital print designs that make it possible to customise design of your façade with motif one can imagine.

In addition there is broad selection of assorted formats and mounting variations that also create a whole different character for your building: hidden or specifically visible mounting, cladding, perforation, CNC milled etc.

Thermal insulation

Reduces the amount of heat that buildings absorb in hot weather there by cutting on the cost for air conditioning.
Especially in the countries like India where the temperatures reaches up to 50C.

Heat Insulation

The constructive design of Fundermax is aimed to protect the heat insulation material against condensation, thickness of supporting walls reduced. resulting in heating costs savings.

Weather resistance

Ventilated facade protects a building from moisture penetration and facilitates its evaporation from the bearing wall surface. As result the amount of moisture in the wall decreases and the 'chimney effect' becomes stronger.

Diffusion of water vapor

Water vapors occurring on the wall of a building are removed through natural ventilation.

Thermal deformation

Due to the special worked-out design and installation procedure, the Fundermax system is able to absorb thermal deformations.

Sound Insulation

ventilated facade system tend to influence the function of external noise reflection.