Trane brings Interactive Technology to Indian homes

Trane brings interactive technology to Indian Homes with the launch of premium air conditioning and security solutions

Designed to meet the need of Indian homes to transform in-home experiences

Makes your everyday living simple, empowers and intuitive

Empowers you to take control of your trane interactive AC and Lock

Thinks and acts intelligently: breakthough technology that provides you total control and convenience

Tells you eveything about the weather outdoors and accordingly suggests an optimum indoor temperature

Sleek and stylish - combines technology with elegance

The interactive AC assesses, manages and gives feedback on your in-home climate

The ultra slim design brings simplicity and elegance together that complements your home

It has intelligence to offer you great cooling and best in class energy effciency

It has got a health filter that provides you healthy air and works without any noise

Next generation security system that combines safety and convenience