Terms and Conditions

As an organization, we believe in making our services clear and transparent. We pledge to support our clients 100 per cent and strive to offer the best solutions for their issues. We take responsibility for product replacements and services if the following conditions apply. Here are the terms and conditions of the solutions we offer

● Warranty applies if defect in the product is reported on or before 48 hours from the time of service delivery
● Warranties beyond 48 hours is to be discussed with the manufacturer
● We offer warranties only for the specific services we offered. For example, if we fit door controls and glass fittings, we only offer repair services for those specifically
● We believe proper participation of the core team of the company i.e. our client who required our services. This is to bridge the communication gap and avoiding intermediates who would end up miscommunication
● We only deal with direct clients. Hence we request middle men to stay away from approaching us.
● In case the construction project stands cancelled, we request the clients to return back the properties to us and get the refund depending upon the volume of the products returned.